Stick to Your Essay Points

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Don’t focus more on example focus more on points and also don’t include general things like you know technology via you know technology is a great help it can make a developed developing country to develop countries these are fillers these are filler point for example if you have to write in 700 words you have written 500 good words but you still need 200 word then you can go on elaborating you can use order fillers use this a you know not so important points in between somewhere but don’t make the core of your essay with these points so keep that in mind these are very very average points now let me tell you what are the good points which will give you marks so these are the great points common service centers brilliant point see I told you out of 6 lakh villages in India 50,000 villages in India they don’t have only 50,000 villages have banking right so five point five lakh villages don’t have any banking facility and what is the government doing the government has decided to connect these with common service centre also called CSCS in short.

App is only one part of the technology one small part of the technology that is mobile banking that’s all so if you mention the word mobile banking that will give you lot of marks rather than the name of the app and then in an example you can say for example¬†essay writing service nz that see in India if you like if you write something like this that in India there are six lakh villages only fifty thousand villages have banks or any bank branch that means five lakh 50,000 and you can calculate the percentage so most of the India Indian villages don’t have Bank and it is very difficult to you know for banking to reach out to these remote areas in a very short span of time it will take us another 50 years so with the help of technology we can reach how we can reach.

Because you know even in villages everybody has mobile India has eight Picaro mobile phones and they are there in the tier one town tier two town remote areas rural areas everywhere they are there so through mobile banking you can reach those areas so this will give you more marks rather than writing about all the app name there is a app called children there is I have called SBI wallet there is an app called this this don’t don’t so this was the exact point that I said.

So if you mention mention CS C’s that will be a great point it will give you a lot of marks because the government is actually doing it government is actually connecting the remote villages in India with the common service centers this is a part of the digital India campaign then you mentioned about how the banking has changed already for example previously we used to do a conventional banking if we had to do any transaction be used to go to the bank we used to stand in the line we used to wait for our turn it will it was time consuming then it we started using online banking what is that that is technology.