Importance Of Essay Topic

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When I think about some of the extraordinary recommendation letters I’ve read one of them is of an explorative client who chose his recommendation from his soccer coach you know and his soccer coach talked about how you know this young man yes he didn’t have the title of captain but he was the most influential and impactful person on his team he was incredibly motivating of his teammates and the stories he shared were the kinds of things that really made it clear to the schools that he applied to that he was a natural leader and he had that demonstrated evidence of leadership and that propensity for seeking out opportunities to have an impact in somebody else’s life and and yet he did he didn’t have the formal title of captain or vice captain or whatever the case may be.

So don’t buy that miss okay that you have to have an important title a secondly mate I want to talk about is this idea that you have to you know have direct reports that you manage if you kind of have to manage people absolutely not the case in fact most people who are playing to business school don’t have the luxury of having managed people formally right maybe informally maybe interns or outside of work so what’s important is actually being able to demonstrate influence right so it could be your ability to you know go the extra mile in your analysis to kind of create value versus you you know having formal people that you manage okay so they’re not looking at then are looking for the best manager if they’re looking for the best leaders so you don’t have to worry about this when you’re writing you know your business school leadership essay that you haven’t managed people directly before the third myth I want to highlight for you guys is this idea that you have to have has such a significant you know massive achievement before you can write a leadership essay not true absolutely not true impact is important right.

But impact could be on a person you know it doesn’t necessarily have to be on like 100 people impact would be you know it’s all about like meaningful examples that showcase leadership where you actually changed somebody so it could be changing somebody’s life could be changing an organization it could be changing your group the way you guys go about the system’s you have in place the processes you use to create value so don’t underestimate how incredible your leadership footprint could actually be and yet you know you allow sort of a lot of the noise and the chatter of you know you have to have this different this to obscure your your view of what’s actually important okay you want to write essays that demonstrate yes that you have leadership footprints but those footprints don’t necessarily have to fit within like the expectations that sometimes I see on these admissions forums or people say.