How To Make A Competing Argument

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The competing arguments for your research paper would be those that disagree with your thesis so to go back to the example so it’s a little thing for example right if you say what causes social loafing and your answer is its diligent isolates right then you want to hit the other ones that people say are the other answers right some people say is this some people say it’s this this is why I think we’re going to go with this okay so you want to from the very beginning acknowledge that there are different points of okay and you want to give them the best possible spin to it’s not just you’re not just looking to tear down those other arguments you’re not trying to create strong and and your arguments you know just something you cannot temporarily easily you know. There`s a lot of useful info on research papers at Edusson.

It’s not a political argument it’s not a debate you know you’re trying to seek the truth and so you want to look at things on the face value and honestly if your argument is the most precise persuasive one that it should be able to take the other arguments on on their strongest grounds so you need to articulate those strongest grounds or else it will just not going to take your your argument very correctly okay – what theoretical concepts does your topic relate you know theory is something that’s you know you’ll experience quite a bit as your courses go on a lot of you live in you know theory is something that explains not just like what happens in a particular situation but what happens across the board in general like if I were to say hey what kinda leaven we can come up with a whole bunch of different causes that blah blah blah right well that would be really good it’d be really interesting because uniques laying one event well a more interesting question say that people get the Pentagon ordered politics of water but wouldn’t just be like what caused 9/11 but what causes people to do crazy things like that a lot okay not just in one case but in many cases right.

That’s theory okay so as you are reading through various textbooks different courses in the future whatever that may be you’re gonna run across these theories and these theories are attempts to try to explain something not just in one special case but in a whole lot of cases over a long period of time which for you as potential business practitioners is extremely important extremely helpful you know I I may be able to sort of strategize about a particular case based on the way a few people are aving but if i could come up with some principles that seem to be true for most people most the time to be able to apply those principles in the general way that’s awesome right it’s a part of the practice of a literature review is to say what in general do we know about this you know what do people they’ve been able to discover about this what theories are there that support or challenge whatever whatever approach whatever is a statement I’ve come up with.