How to do your homework better

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Homework is often hardest to get done because of when we decide to do it…at night. Most people say that they are most productive at night and while that may or may not be scientifically true, it does lead to most people doing their work at night when there is a higher chance of being tired or sleepy. However, getting tired and/or wanting to fall asleep while doing work can happen at any point during the day and can make it hard to complete an assignment. I experienced the most trouble with this particular phenomenon when doing my reading for my Political Philosophy of Plato class a few semesters ago. While Plato is brilliant and has a lot of interesting things to say, reading 100 pages of one of his dialogues is more than enough to put you to sleep. Normally when we feel tired or sleepy and are doing work, we try to get all of the work done before sleeping. However, taking a power nap before or in the middle of work can get rid of that sleepiness and help you finish your work more effectively.


Even after you know exactly what you need to do and have all of your work prioritized, it can still be hard to maintain your focus and avoid getting distracted, especially if you are somebody who is prone to distractions or even if you are just having trouble focusing. We all have trouble focusing at different times for a variety of reasons but the most important thing to do is to force yourself to go back to your work. Try and work in an environment that will provide you with the least distractions possible. For me, this usually means somewhere with very few people because people watching is one of my all-time favorite activities. I usually do work at home in my apartment, because it allows me to avoid the distraction of being around other people in the library and cuts out the extra time (and distraction) of going somewhere else to study. That being said studying at home or in your room doesn’t work for everybody. Regardless of where you study, accept occasional distractions or zoning out as unavoidable when doing work. Allow them to happen and don’t stress out about them too much.

Tips are usually all aimed at helping you complete tasks once you know what they are and have them written down, this last idea is to help you organize and stay up-to-date with all of your homework at any given time. There’re different iPhone apps that organize homework and assignments and send you notifications and reminders about them. That old paper agenda that you get each year can instead become digital and you can access everything on your phone. The five apps that they mention include everything from helping teachers keep track of their student’s grades to helping students consolidate and share their notes with each class. I think getting notifications of assignment on your phone like you can with the first app studies Pro could help you stay organized and remember all of your assignments. These apps really just make your regular to do list more portable, but given how much time we all spend on our phones these days, one of these apps might help out a lot.

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Tell me your own experiences with managing homework and things you do to finish your to-do list.