Copywriting Tips for Closing the Sale

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When you’re writing copy writing for advertising, the one thing you can never forget is that you must close the sale, and with a few copywriting tips for closing the sale you can be a success.

The call for action is one of the most important aspects of any advertising copy.

Not only must you ask the consumer to do something such as order your product, join a group, or sign up for newsletters, but you also must do it in a way that convinces the customer it’s in their best interest. Before you have written your call to action you should have designed your ad with a catchy headline, a unique body, and then of course a call for action. You must be able to explain your product or service at a minimum of words, and yet at the same time convince the consumer that this is something they need in their life. Once you’ve got the body in the headline of your advertising copy, then it’s time to figure out a way to call the consumer to action in order to purchase your product or service.

There are several different ways that you can convince the consumer to purchase your product.

You have to decide upon the type of call to action words you’ll need, according to the product you’re selling. Testimonials are one way to back up your product’s honesty. This means that you will talk to consumers who have already purchased your product or service, and get them to write a short blurb about how they feel about it. Honest testimonials can go a long way as far as convincing other consumers that purchasing your product or service is a good deal. You may also want to specify a guarantee within your advertising.

Your guarantee must be rock solid in order for it to convince the consumer they will not lose their money or their time. If your guarantee is supported by testimonials, your call to action will not be difficult for the consumer. Don’t forget that price can play a big part in a consumer’s decision. Consumers love a good deal, they love sales, and they absolutely adore saving money. You may want to show a price slash, this will allow consumers to feel as if they are getting a good deal.

Along with price slashing, you may want to add in a time span for this deal.

This allows consumers enough time to think about purchasing the product, but not enough time to change their mind. There’s plenty of advertising copy and sales letters to be written by a good writer. If you can get a good handle on sales words, you can actually make a living writing sales copy. You’ll need a few good copywriting tips to be a success, but you’ll find them in plenty of different places.

Advertising is big business, if nothing else, study other advertising sales and copyrighted works and see what you can do to improve those works yourself.