American Colleges: A Money Machine disguised as an Education System 2

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That’s 20 job openings for over 120 graduates. Since a  public school year runs from August-June, this means yet another class will graduate in May 2010 and 60 more students, or 180 total looking for a job that isn’t there this August. The sad thing is that this is only counting students graduating from a single university, we have 3-4 smaller colleges in the county that will only double this #. As many as 65% of these graduates are 22/23 years old, in debt and have a piece of paper saying they are qualified to work a job that simply isn’t hiring at the rate of degrees being attained and never will be. This doesn’t mean the degree is worthless by any means,  having a degree at all says something about one’s character and abilities. The real issue is that we end up with 100 teachers in 1,000 teaching while the remaining 900 take other, usually less paying jobs from those without a degree at all over time.


The first step in the college process is applying and being admitted into the school of your choice. A quick search of the internet and various universities show that the application fee of most schools will cost between $30-$70 with an average of around $40.  This is usually a non-refundable fee.  Many schools will charge additional fees to send or receive transcripts as well. None of these fees guarantee you admission, this is just the cost of them evaluating you. Though it varies from place to place, large state schools accept around 45% or fewer freshman applicants per year.

Real Life Example: In the state of Florida from 2005-2008, the major 5 public universities (Florida, Florida State, Florida International, UCF, and USF) have each decreased the % of admitted students each year, with the total # of applicants has increased slightly each year, In 2008, the freshman acceptance rate for these 5 schools combined was less than 38%, down from 52% in 2005. In total, 1,300 fewer freshmen were accepted, while nearly 15,000 more applied in 2008 than 2005.