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Importance Of Essay Topic

When I think about some of the extraordinary recommendation letters I’ve read one of them is of an explorative client who chose his recommendation from his soccer coach you know and his soccer coach talked about how you know this young man yes he didn’t have the title of captain but he was the most […]

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How To Make A Competing Argument

The competing arguments for your research paper would be those that disagree with your thesis so to go back to the example so it’s a little thing for example right if you say what causes social loafing and your answer is its diligent isolates right then you want to hit the other ones that people […]

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Stick to Your Essay Points

Don’t focus more on example focus more on points and also don’t include general things like you know technology via you know technology is a great help it can make a developed developing country to develop countries these are fillers these are filler point for example if you have to write in 700 words you […]

Writing a Great Scholarship Essay

Scholarship essays are similar to admission essays with one big exception. When you write a scholarship essay, you are asking an organization to give you money to attend school. Therefore, your essay must be persuasive and include content that will demonstrate your commitment to the values and purpose of the organization you wish to impress. […]

American Colleges: A Money Machine disguised as an Education System

Anytime you have people with power over others on a very large scale, corruption of some form follows. American colleges and universities have hidden their profit machine behind the “importance” of education for far too long. Don’t get me wrong, education is very important. A college degree is still a major accomplishment and should earn […]

Copywriting Tips for Closing the Sale

When you’re writing copy writing for advertising, the one thing you can never forget is that you must close the sale, and with a few copywriting tips for closing the sale you can be a success. The call for action is one of the most important aspects of any advertising copy. Not only must you […]

How Fast can I Master a Foreign Language?

A lot of people ask me that question and my answer is: it does depend on several factors like, your abilities to memorize, your learning abilities, your ears training, the quality of your knowledge of the grammar in your own language … and above all, your motivation. If you put your mind on what you […]

How to do your homework better

Homework is often hardest to get done because of when we decide to do it…at night. Most people say that they are most productive at night and while that may or may not be scientifically true, it does lead to most people doing their work at night when there is a higher chance of being […]